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Are you ready for winter? | Plumber Gold Coast

Are You Ready For Winter | Plumber Gold Coast

Have you got your plumbing in order for this coming winter? Check out our tips on how to prepare.

Protect your drains

Blocked drains are pretty common all year round, however winter can cause your stormwaters to block. Leaves and debris enter the stormwater system, and as our rain fall is low in winter they become dislodged in the pipes. This can contribute to further problems in summer when we start getting storms etc. 

This winter be aware and check your drains frequently to avoid this from happening. Rake leaves away from yard drains etc. If you have trees around your gutters, we could suggest installing gutter guard. This will prevent leaves entering your drains causing them to become clogged as well as helping with the life span of your gutters.

Hot water Systems

Even on the Gold Coast, winter can get cold. We do not realise how much re treasure our hot water systems until they stop working! Don’t get caught off guard this winter and have to have a cold shower.

Inspect your hot water system for signs of corrosion or rust. Hot water units generally last 10-15 years depending on the water quality and a few other factors. If you can see corrosion or rust on your hot water service, feel free to send a photo to us and we would be happy to provide you with some free advice.

Check if your hot water system has a tempering valve. As the water in the tank must maintain a minimum of 65deg to kill off deadly bacteria that can breed, a tempering valve is installed to deliver water at 50deg to your taps. Again check for any signs of corrosion, or calcium build up. 

If you are unsure what you are looking for by all means send us a photo and we will point you in the right direction. 

Fix any plumbing leaks now

Fix any leaks you have ASAP, including under ground or just dripping taps. The cold can cause higher rates of expansion and contraction, so if you have a minor leak somewhere in a pipe this could become worse from thermal movement. Don’t leave it too late where it may become a major problem!! Fix it sooner rather than later to avoid costly plumbing repairs.

Make sure solar panels are clean

Maximise the most out of your solar hot water. Ensure your panels are free from debris, as the sun hours are less you want to utilise your solar investment the best you can. Use a low pressure water blaster to remove debris but be make sure you implement safety precautions whist on the roof. 

Gas appliances

Make sure you have had your gas cooker or hot water system serviced and commissioned, ready to be used in over drive!! Contact a licensed gas fitter to have your jets cleaned, pressures tested and give your unit a good clean out.