Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be an on going issue. We can give you the solutions that you need. 

Plumbing problems can be a painful experience if you let it. In particular one of the more painful problems for customers are blocked sewer drains. Lately we have attended two jobs, one in Arundel and one in Coomera where blockages have caused sewage to enter and flood inside the properties. Luckily on both occasions our licensed plumbers Sam and Ben with 25 years of experience between the pair of them saved the day, or should I say night.

“Highly recommend! Fast, prompt, reliable and genuine service. The best plumber on the coast! You cant go past Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas for affordable service at a professional level. It’s disappointing to see 1 star reviews, when they deserve 6 stars (if i could)!” – Holli Meers


In one instance the drainage system was full of wet wipe. A customer did not realise her young daughter had flushed an entire pack down the drain. We attempted to pull the wet wipes out using our electric eel, however we just were not getting anywhere. We always have a plan B. We managed to break the wipes up into shreds using our high pressure water jetter. We then inspected the pipes with our cctv drain camera to confirm the rest of the sewer pipe was clear.


The other instance the blockage was at the base of the stack, full of tree roots. Again we used our highly recommended Ridgid KJ 5000 to break those roots apart. There is certainly no hesitation in recommending this machine as it continues to unblock drains with ease. The power it puts out if just not comparable to the old eel. This enables us to get the job done fast. Speeding up response rates, increasing our customer service satisfaction. We have also seen an increase of gullies due to grease and fats, remember to always use hot water when cleaning up. This will keep the fats in a liquid state until it gets to where it needs to go.


It’s not a dirty business all the time. We also are able to clear storm water lines which is crucial during the rain season. Preventative maintenance can mean the difference between a possible flood during a storm and free flowing drains, making sure water does not enter inside.

Next time you are in need of Gold Coast plumbing services, whether it be a blocked basin, sink, shower or toilet be sure to contact the drain cleaning professionals. Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas. You can click on our links, or call us on 07 5627 0792.