Blocked drains Gold Coast

Blocked Drains Gold Coast


Common causes of Blocked drains in the Gold Coast

Our homes rely on a good drainage system. Without it we are in for all kinds of problems so we need to ensure that our sewer drains and storm water lines are flowing correctly. The last thing you would want is waste water from a blocked toilet in your home or garden as this can be very unpleasant. Been able to clear these blockages cost effectively and quickly is important and not all Gold Coast Plumbers have the gear to do it. At Tomkinson Plumbing we have invested in high pressure water jetters, and CCTV drain cameras ensuring that we can get through the toughest of blockages offering a plumbing service that our customers highly recommend. We will look at the most common reasons that could cause a blocked sewer and how you can avoid or deal with these plumbing problems. 

1. Putting Foreign objects down drains and sinks

A very common cause of blockages are due to people putting things down drains that really do not belong there. One of the biggest causes are wipes, fats and sanitary products as these do not deteriorate like toilet paper does and they become lodged or accumulate in drains leading to blockages. Flushable wipes should not really be used either. Grease and fats also cause major problems because of how they become solid as they cool down. We have also found all kinds of other items like nappies, kids toys, and even sanitisers that hang on the side of the bowl!!

What can you do? To prevent having to get your drains cleaned for any of these reasons it is really simple. Don’t flush or put anything down your drains other than toilet paper, water, and your number 1s and 2s!! Dispose of food and fats correctly, for example you could try pouring warm fats into a container until it solidifies and when washing up make sure you use HOT water.

2. Leaves, debris, rocks

Blockages can also be caused from outside debris. Stones, leaves etc can fall into your gullies and find their way into the drainage system. Even cleaning up paint brushes and things of that nature over the top of the gully can lead to problems.

To prevent this you could install some drain covers eg mesh to stop foreign matter being washed of blown into the drains.

3. Tree Roots 

Tree roots can be a right pest. They can find their way through the smallest crack and left unattended to can lead to major problems.  They can dislodge or crack pipes, and even start growing in the pipes themselves which will block any waste trying to flow away!! Tell tale signs of a possible blockage beginning can be gurgling or funny noises in your drain. If this is something you have experienced then be sure to contact us sooner rather than later to prevent potential further damage.

Try to keep an eye on trees in your property, the big older ones in particular. If the roots are causing other problems like cracking pathways or bulging out of the ground there is a good chance they could be affecting any nearby drains. If you are experiencing problems we can inspect your drain with our camera and let you know what is happening. 

4. Broken pipes

Blockages can be from the pipes themselves sinking or dislodging themselves over time. The old clay pipes can collapse requiring a dig up or something of that nature. Some pipes can become squashed or broken if they are under a driveway and the correct measures have not been undertaken to protect them during installation. Subsidence can also cause problems.

Unfortunately because it is all underground a camera inspection is usually required. It is not necessarily the end of the world if you do have a cracked pipe, there are re sleeving options available. Although this is expensive it can be a lot cheaper than cutting a driveway or slab open.

The signs

A few indications of a blocked drain before it becomes a major problem are things such as:

Bad smells coming out of your fixtures, water is taking a long time to drain away, or you may even see signs of water pooling in areas of your garden or lower ground. A gurgling sound is also another indication that there is a leak somewhere.

Blocked Drain Solutions

If you think you may have a blockage then feel free to contact us. We can provide a CCTV drain inspection including locating any problems we may find. If we do find a blockage we have the specialist equipment needed to clear the drain and get your drains moving again. We can also conduct dye testing if needed. Contact us today and talk to one of our friendly team members. 


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