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Blocked Drain Specialist, Do You Have A Blocked Sewer Drain?



Same day service

Blocked drains are often an emergency and need attending to straight away. We understand the importance of having running drains, and will make your blockage a priority.


Free drain camera inspection

When your blockage requires specialist equipment such as our high pressure jetter, we will inspect your drains at no further charge. This ensures the blockage has been cleared properly and there are no breaks or further blockages down the line. The footage can be saved to our devices and sent to you via email from the job. 

No call out fees

We don’t charge call out fees during regular office hours, don’t be surprised by hidden costs. Call us today and we can offer a fixed price service, and have your drains running again in no time.


Locating equipment

No only can we clear the drain and identify the cause, using our top of the line equipment we are able to pin point exactly where the problem occurred. This tells you how deep it is as well enabling us to give you a cost to repair on the spot if needed. 

Types of Blockages

blocked basin sink

Blocked basin sinks

Bathroom sinks quite frequently block. This can be caused by soap scum or hair from shaving. These are generally simple to clear and can be done so by using a plunger, alternatively the plug and wastes or trap may need cleaning out. If this fails we can send the hand auger down the waste pipe to try and clear or retrieve anything that may be stuck in the waste pipe. You can try keeping the drain clean by adding a drain cleaner such as draino or there are even home remedies you can make yourself using baking soda and vinegar, combine a cup of vinegar with 1/2 cup of baking soda, pour down the drain and watch the chemical reaction take place!


Bathtub drains and showers again are usually caused by hair and soap scum, if you have a 100mm grate in your shower you can reach down and collect any excess hair from the trap, you may also be able to plunge way the old shower scum using a rodding plunger which is not the typical plunger you would use on a sink, these have a flat 100mm rubber disk at the end and can be pushed down the drain to help push through any debris.  Again you can use chemicals in a shower drain just make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take required safety precautions.

plunging a blocked toilet

Blocked toilet drains

Blocked toilets can happen at the most inconvenient times, and we need them functioning correctly as soon as possible!! Some causes of blocked toilets can be due to reasons such as using excess toilet paper, flushing sanitary items down the drain, using paper towels (they don’t break up like toilet paper), flushing wipes or even “flushable” wipes, we’ve even pulled out sanitisers out of the toilet after they have fallen from the side. Of course there can be more serious issues such as tree roots or dislodged pipes. Either way we can have your toilet running again the same day. 

Types of Blockages

blocked stormwater

blocked stormwater drains

Stormwater drain pipes are just as important, especially during the storm season. Our Gold Coast plumbers will make sure your storm water pipes are running smoothly, those water jets don’t leave anything behind! Don’t wait until you need emergency plumbing! Tomkinson Plumbing and gas will give you the best plumbing services on the Gold Coast.We believe we are very competitive, our prices for high pressure drain cleaning which is faster and more effective than an electric eel are the most reasonable on the Gold Coast. Don’t be fooled by other plumbing companies that will turn up to clear your blockage, and then surprise you with more costs for camera inspections etc, there are no hidden costs or expensive surprises with us, for one price we will clear your drain, camera the drain and then locate where the problem has occurred, then if needed we are able to provide you with an on the spot quote to dig up and repair the drain.

blocked kitchen sink

blocked kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks. Kitchen sink blockages are again unique. We won’t usually find lindt or hair down a kitchen sink drain, but we do indeed find something else. Yes you guessed it! Grease and fats. Grease and fat build ups are caused when rinsing your dishes, and pots and pans, usually when these have been rinsed using cold water. As the grease and fats cool down in the drainage system they solidify, this can occur with in the kitchen trap or overflow relief gully if the kitchen is charging it. This can result in what us plumbers call fat bergs, big build ups of fat and grease that look like icebergs in your drain!! These usually have to be cleared with the drain snake or hydro jetter as the fat then needs to be broken down. A way to prevent this from happening is by ensuring the dishes are rinsed and cleaned with hot water, and keep the tap running a few seconds after rinsing.

blocked drain laundry

blocked laundry tubs

Laundry tub drains can sometimes block from all the lint that finds its way out of your washing machine into the tub, you may be able to take the 50mm trap under your tub apart by unscrewing the trap assembly, or by simply plunging your sink. If you have any concerns about your laundry drain we recommend that this gets attended to sooner rather than later as there would be nothing worse than putting a load of washing on, the drain been blocked causing all the water dumped by the machine to flood throughout your house!!

Next time you need to unclog a toilet, clean your basin traps, or destroy the tree roots in your drains call the friendly team at Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas. We offer all kinds of unblocking services and have all the state of the art machinery and cameras to get your drain running and find the cause in no time. Our prices are very competitive and with all blockages that are cleared using special machinery we offer a complimentary drain camera service and recording for you to keep, we will also locate where the problem occurred enabling us to repair or quote to repair any breaks or defects in your drainage system.

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We are the Gold Coast plumbers you can trust, as you can see from our reviews we are highly recommended by our customers. clearing the Gold Coast blocked pipes with our new KJ5000 high pressure water drain cleaner, there is not too many drains that we cannot clear. Whether its a blocked sewer or storm water pipes Tomkinson Plumbing will be able to clear it getting that water running in no time and providing you with the plumbing service you deserve. If you have plumbing problems whether its a blockage or a water leak contact us today