Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains Blocked drains can be an on going issue. We can give you the solutions that you need.  Plumbing problems can be a painful experience if you let it. In particular one of the more painful problems for customers are blocked sewer drains. Lately we have attended two jobs, one in Arundel and one …

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Burst Flexi Hoses

Burst flexi hoses Have you checked your braided hoses lately? by Benjamin Tomkinson An Old Braided Hose Is Like A Ticking Timebomb Flexi Hoses are ticking time bombs. As we are in the insurance repair industry we see these several times a week. We’ve seen them flood a house from upstairs whilst the homeowner has …

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How can I pay?

Different payment solutions Plumbing repair payments made easy. Thinking out side the square Payment solutions Plumbing repairs can pop up unexpectedly, and with out warning. Sometimes these repairs can be costly and you may not have enough at the time to cover it. Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas have a great variety of payment options available, …

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Blocked Drain Blitz

BLOCKED $100 Off DRAINS CONTACT US special offer This rain has been pretty consistent for the last few weeks, after clearing a major blockage in Southport we’re sure a lot of storm water drains are backed up and causing problems! Protect your home and prevent a flood today. Contact Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas and mention …

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What is a plumber?

What Is A Plumber? History of Plumbing Originating from the Latin word for lead, Plumbum a plumber is a licensed tradesperson who specialises in maintaining and installing new or existing plumbing systems. Plumbers protect the health of the nation, ensuring potable water is safe to drink and that sewage and drainage plumbing systems are installed …

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Rustic Tap Range

Custom made Vintage tap ware We’re loving the Rustic look and we’ve come across some pretty cool taps throughout our time. Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas have decided to create our very own custom made tap range here on the Gold Coast. We have started to create a few demonstration models, and along the way have …

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leaky taps

Leaky Showers

All so often we attend jobs that have caused significant water damage, sometimes from something as simple as not servicing your taps correctly. If you have leaky taps and you decide to service your shower taps yourself make sure you follow our steps so you don’t end up damaging your house!! We attended a job …

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