house flood

Burst Flexi Hoses

Burst flexi hoses

house flood

An Old Braided Hose Is Like A Ticking Timebomb

Flexi Hoses are ticking time bombs. As we are in the insurance repair industry we see these several times a week. We’ve seen them flood a house from upstairs whilst the homeowner has been at work, we’ve seen homeowners come back from holidays to a destroyed house and we’ve seen homeowners get up out of bed to a flood. 

Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas have decided to try and put an end to this. We have found solutions such as, replacing hoses with chrome copper, installing flood stop valves which can automatically shut the water off when detecting a higher than normal flow rate, and changing mixer hoses with custom made copper tails as they are not available to be purchased. 

If you have a house with braided hoses installed, and haven’t checked them for a while, contact us for a free quote and plumbing inspection.