CCTV Drain inspections

Drain camera inspections

Blocked drains Gold Coast

CCTV drain inspections

Drainage problems can be frustrating and sometimes expensive to repair. Your drain pipe could be blocking for a number of reasons, including tree roots, a dislodged or broken sewer pipe, or it could be simply due to an excess build up of toilet paper or sanitary products. Whatever is blocking you drain at Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas not only do we have high powered equipment that will clear almost any blockage but we have the state of the art inspections camera that can carry out plumbing inspections to with up most accuracy. 

There is no extra charge to get our camera out to inspect your drainage system when we are called out to attend a blockage that requires specialist equipment to clear. This allows you to see exactly what the cause of your blocked drain was.

What We Offer

  • CCTV footage sent directly to your email or phone using our Ridgid drain camera app
  • Location services showing you where the problem occurred and how deep the drain is 
  • On the spot quoting for permanent repairs
  • A friendly and reliable service 
  • Same day attendance for blocked sewers 

Our drain camera is used when possible before and always after we clear your blockage, a free copy of the footage can be sent to you via email of we can provide a USB copy, this enables you to see the problems for yourself and how we have cleared the problem, you are then able to decide on the choices that we recommend as a more permanent solution, if it is under a concrete driveway or under your slab it does not always necessarily mean we would have to dig up your slab, as we have pipe relining options available. 

We are also able to locate where the problem occured, and the depth of the drain enabling us to give you an accurate price to repair the problem.

Our cameras offer reliability, so there will be no wondering if your drain will block again during the most inconvenient time! All our work is guaranteed so you can sleep easy at night not stressing about if or when this will happen again.

On another note you may not necessarily have a drainage problem? You could be wanting to build a pool for example and need to know where your drainage services are. At Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas we are able to locate all your drainage and stormwater lines so when excavation is carried out you do not run the risk of damaging these plumbing services.

So Next time you have any plumbing problems, call our professional plumbers on the Gold Coast and we will have you sorted in no time.