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Don’t Make This Costly Mistake

Tap washers can be an easy job for a trained professional, however for the home handy man or home owner it can end up costing a fortune in damages if not carried out correctly. 

Today we attended a job in Oxenford to investigate a hidden leak. The client had moved out some storage from under the house to find the sub floor completely rotten away. After carrying out our tests we were able to determine the cause of the leak and all this damage was caused because who ever serviced the taps previously did not re seal around the spindles!!! Therefore every time the shower was in use and the water ran down the tile wall, it would run into the wall and onto the particle board subfloor, causing massive damage over time. 

Unfortunately most insurance companies will not cover this type of damage either, so a simple mistake to save a dollar can end up costing thousands!!! The bad thing is that we do see this on a regular basis, even if the damage is minor it is something that can be easily avoided. 

If you decide to service your taps yourself, follow these simple steps.

  1. Turn water mains off
  2.  Remove handles and cover plates
  3. Remove existing silicone from around spindles
  4. Unwind your spindles to make removing them easier
  5. Remove spindle bodies
  6. Wind spindle all the way in. and pull centre out
  7. Clean bonnet with a bonnet cleaner
  8. Clean old grease off thread
  9. Replace O rings, body washers and jumper valves
  10. Add tap lube around thread of spindle
  11. Re assemble 
  12. Re seat combination 
  13. Remove shower head 
  14. Re install spindles to wall and wind into off position very lightly 
  15. Turn water on, and open taps to clear out any excess filings
  16. Re seal penetrations with silicone 
  17. Re assemble taps
  18. Re install shower head 
  19. Clean up 
  20. Job done

So next time your shower or bath taps are dripping, don’t forget to re seal around the spindles, or contact the leaky tap professionals. Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas 

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