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leaky taps
leaky taps

Tomkinson Plumbing and gas are the professionals at fixing leaking taps. Whether its a dripping tap, or your just struggling to turn the tap we can have them working again in no time. Although it may seem like a simple job, a lot of people try to avoid calling a plumber and try to fix the problem by themselves thinking its only a matter of removing the handle, taking the body of the tap our and replacing a tap washer!! Next thing you know the waters flowing heavier than before and they have run into problems.

Leave it to us we are the leaky tap plumbing professionals. There are a few different taps out there that can be repaired, you have the standard tap bodies with a jumper valve washer, a ceramic disc spindle, or your flick mixers, all of which are generally able to be repaired. If your water is gushing out, be sure to turn off the water supply and call your local plumber in the Gold Coast, Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas. If it is an emergency we will be there on the same day. 

We carry out a lot of insurance works and have seen the damage a leaky tap that has gone un noticed can cause. Something as simple as. body washer can drip very slowly behind the wall cavity for a long period of time, going un noticed, by the time you realise the water has either attracted white ants, rotted out the timber studs or damaged your door jams and skirtings.

Although it seems a simple task when you watch us repairing your taps, there are a few little tricks home owners sometimes are not aware of.

When servicing your tap sets we will be sure to also re seat your taps, ensuring the washers have a nice smooth brass surface to sit on. This is an essential task as with out re seating the tap set there could be built up debris that may prevent the washer from sealing, or better yet there may be a crack in the seat that needs machining back, we will also service the cold and hot water taps at the same time, ensuring that you do not have to call a plumber for the same problem again in the near future. No matter what it is our quality plumbers will be able to resolve the problem and have your water running smoothly in no time. 

Don’t wait call the plumbers on the Gold Coast who care. 

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