We understand your needs and have several pricing options. YOU CHOOSE.

  • Our fixed price solutions for most common plumbing issues offers set rates so even if we run into problems you don’t need to worry. Better yet, pay over the phone when you book and receive a . 10% Discount.
  • Do and charge, which is at $105/hr with no call out fees, min 1 hour.
  • Alternatively you can book a free consultation where we can quote the job at hand.

Prices Exclude GST

Blocked Drains

$ 149* From
  • Clear Blockages Using Hand Equipment
  • Drain Cleaning With Jet Rodder $350
  • Most Blockages Cleared In First Hour
  • Free CCTV Drain Inspection with use of Jet Rodder

Hot Water System Replacements

$ 1050 From
  • 50L Electric hot water replacement, including new valve train
  • 125L Electric hot water replacement incl. Valve train $1200
  • 250L Electric HWS replacement incl. Valve train $1500
  • 315L Electric HWS replacement incl. Valve train $1700

Toilet Repairs

$ 140 From
  • New Inlet Valve
  • New Seating Washer
  • Labour Inclusive

CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

$ 200 From
  • CCTV Drain Camera Inspection
  • Drain Location
  • Recordings Sent Direct To Email
  • Great For Renovations, Alterations, Extensions

Some more common plumbing FIXED RATE pricing solutions
(exc GST do and charge options also available)


Blocked Drains

Rubbish Removal



Hot Water Sytems

Do And Charge for minor works............. $105 / hour........... NO CALL OUT FEE

Pay for a set rate over the phone when making your booking and receive a 10% Discount