blocked drain

Now that’s what you call a blocked drain

While most of you were either out on Saturday night, or having a quiet one at home, this plumber was attending to a massive blocked drain in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Luckily for him it was on the council side, however he still had to hang around and help with the clean up! 

This was underneath a 20 story or so high rise, so as the toilets kept flushing and the showers kept running, the sewage kept coming! 

These are things as plumbers we deal with on a daily basis, not always this extreme though I must say. Next time you find yourself in need of a plumber contact Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas.

Whether its a blocked drain (hopefully not like this), a leaky tap, or a problem with your hot water system we are available to assist. Call us today. 07 5627 0792