pre purchase plumbing inspections

Pre purchase plumbing inspections

Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing problems can cause thousands to repair. Don’t let your biggest investment turn into a money pit.

Why should you get a plumbing inspection

We do a lot of insurance repair work, and all too often we find major problems that the new home owner was not made aware of. Some of these problems unfortunately not covered by insurance and can result in a whole bathroom needing to be stripped out and built again. We attend blocked drains to find broken pipes or collapsed drains. After all the hoops clients jump and stress they undertake to purchase this property often ends in heartache as thousands more are needed for repairs! We want to prevent people like yourselves from having to go through this stress

“Your inspections found problems that our building and pest did not. We were able to save thousands on our purchase thanks to your report”

What do we inspect?

We check everything possible. From pipe identification, pressure tests to make sure there are no concealed leaks, condition of internal installations, gas compliance, stormwater and sewage drainage camera inspections, integrity of your water proofing around the shower using thermal imaging and other tests, hot water system condition and installation, plus much more.

How does this save me money?

Some plumbing repairs can cost thousands. For example, if a hot water unit looks in poor condition and decides to pack up not long after moving in, this could cost anything upwards of $1000, failed waterproofing in your shower can cost $ thousands as the tiles would need removed and re water proofed, a damaged drain can also cost thousands if it is broken under concrete. After we finish our inspection you will receive a report with an approximate cost for repairs. You can either ask the seller to fix these repairs, or negotiate it off the cost of the sale. Either way, spend a small amount to save a lot. 

Contact us for more info. Make sure you don’t buy a lemon!

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