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Are you having hot water problems?  If you are having a loss of temperature, your hot water is not lasting as long as it usually does, or you have had a sudden drop in pressure, these are all indications that your hot water service my need repairing or replacing. If a replacement system is needed, or a repair on your hot water service is needed we can offer a same day response, providing you with a great service and competitive prices.

types of hot water systems

Rinnai b20

Continuous flow

This is a gas hot water system, if you have gas on your property, or are thinking about having gas installed then a continuous flow hot water system could be for you. These are energy efficient, and only heat the water as you need it. These hot water services come in a number of different sizes, ensuring the whole house can be serviced with hot water. Another great benefit about installing a continuous flow hot water system is that you will never run out of hot water. If you have teenagers, or just enjoy having a hot bath or a long shower, rest assured the hot water will keep coming. We offer a variety of major brands including but not limited to, Rheem, Rinnai and Therman. All of these units come with a 10 year warranty.

gas storage

Gas storage hot water services are great. They are efficient and heat the water fast. With a low gas consumption and a fast recovery you can save money and reduce the size of the hot water service needed.  Unlike the continuous flow hot water units these store hot water, so if there is ever a shortage of power you will still have running hot water. These come in a variety of sizes from 90 litres upwards.

electric hot water system

electric storage

An electric hot water system is a water tank that heats the water and stores it, it is more economical to supply and install, however these can be more expensive to run as the thermostat will heat the unit as required, even if you are not using hot water, when the temperature drops the electric hot water system will turn the element on to maintain its temperature. There are ways you can reduce these electricity costs for example, running the system on an on / off peak power circuit, you can also install a larger tank such as a 250 – 315 litre, which holds more hot water, so when it is full it only needs to heat a small amount of water at a time.

solar hot water

There are a variety of solar hot water systems, solar hot water systems work by installing solar panels on your roof which pass water through them. The sun heats up the water running through these panels. You can have a split system solar hot water system, which is when the tank is installed away from the panels , usually on the side of your house and a pump circulates the water through the panels and back into you tank, or a close coupled system, where the tank is attached to the panels on your roof, there the water can flow without assistance of a pump through the panels and into the tank. You may be wondering how does the water heat up if its raining? Solar hot water installations have boosters, whether is a gas electric, or an electric solar booster, these will kick in when the sensor wire detects that the tank is not getting enough heat.

heat pump hot water

Heat pump hot water services are another storage hot water heater. They are highly efficient and use only 30% of the energy of a standard electric hot water service. These hot water systems work like a reverse cycle air conditioning system, using the refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the air to heat the water. Although these are energy efficient we do come across a lot of these systems that do not function correctly and it can be confusing on who to call to carry out repairs, a plumber? electrician? Air conditioning technician? Apart from that they are a great system and can save you on your next power bill.

what we offer

same day installation

We understand the importance of hot water in the house, thats why where possible we will ensure we prioritise your job and have your with running hot water the same day.

top quality brands

We only install top quality brands, such as rheem, vulcan, rinnai, therman and bosch. Put your mind at ease knowing your new unit will last.

removal of old unit

We will take and dispose of your old hot water system and rubbish, saving you the hassle of wondering where or how you are going to get rid of a big old hot water tank

Products we install

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