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Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections

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Whether you are ready to purchase your first home, or you are a real estate veteran this may be something for you. Plumbing problems can cost thousands to rectify and can often be over seen. The team at Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas have developed a full comprehensive pre purchase plumbing inspection that will have you buying in confidence. Giving you peace of mind that you are not buying a Lemon. Pre purchase building and pest inspections are absolutely essential, however all too often in our line of work he come across home owners that are dealing with drainage problems, leaky showers and burst flexible hoses. We always hear “well that didn’t get picked up on the building inspection” Thats because building inspectors are not licensed plumbers!! We are the Gold Coast Plumbing company that has your best interest as our best interest, covering all areas of the Gold Coast from Beenleigh, to Oxenford, Helensvale, Southport, Nerang, Robina and much more. We will make sure that your biggest purchase will not end up draining you financially with unexpected repairs.  For more information check out our blog page.  Find an example of one of our inspections at the bottom of our page.

Here is some (not all) of the test we carry out on our plumbing inspections:

Buying A house with poor plumbing can end up costing you thousands

What do we check?

Pressure Tests

We perform static pressure tests on your water supply to the property including hot and cold, tests on the bath and shower combinations ensuring there are no leaks, and we also test that the pressure does not exceed 500kPa. Including locating the pressure limiting valve that should be installed inside the property or at the water meter. 

Pipe Identification 

We identify and inspect the pipe work you have installed at your property ensuring that it is good condition and enabling you to let a plumber know what brand of pipe you have if you ever require any alterations or have an emergency repair that may need carrying out. 

CCTV drain inspection

We will inspect your stormwater and sewer main drains ensuring that there is no root ingress, broken or dislodged pipes underground that could have the potential to cost you thousands in repairs. Blocked drains can be a right pain in the back side and the last thing you want to be doing not long after moving into your new home is mop up sewage because of a dodgy drainage system.

Leaky taps

We check all the taps that they are in good working order. Stiff or leaky taps are probably the last thing on someones mind when purchasing a house, but these are all little issues that could prove to be a pain up the backside. We like to give you the confidence that everything has been accounted for, so we will check even the most minor plumbing issues including dripping or stiff taps. 

Gas fitting

Not only are we awesome Plumbers but we are Gasfitters as well. We will test and inspect your plumbing installations including that all the installations are up to standards and safe to operate. We will also perform a gas pressure test making sure that there are no gas leaks.

Thermal Imaging

Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas have state of the art  thermal imaging cameras. These enable to test the integrity of your water proofing in wet areas such as your shower. We carry out certain tests using hot water and our thermal imager. That enables us to be able to find any breaches in the water proofing membrane. As water proofing issues are not covered by insurance this can lead to a very costly repair. Including attracting white ants due to the dampness and the fact that it may go undetected for a long time. Although building inspectors use thermal imaging, they do not carry out the tests we do with hot water to determine whether there is a leak or not.


  • Pressure tests
  • Inspect Drains
  • Pipe Identification
  • Waterproofing Integrity
  • Gas Safe
  • Flexi hoses
  • Rainwater Tank Inspection
  • Condition of Gutters
  • Condition of Downpipes
  • Hot Water Compliance
  • Toilets OK
  • Much More
Pipe identification
burst flexi
thermal imaging
gas fitting
drain camera

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