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Last week we were carrying out an insurance report in Southport to determine the cause of leak in a bathroom shower. This particular leak had damaged the skirtings and the floating timber floor. At Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas we use a method of testing to locate leaks that is accurate and avoids any possible confusion. First of all, to find the leak we removed the shower head and carried out a pressure test of the pipework between the taps and shower rose outlet. We attach our pressure gauge, pressurise the pipe by turning the tap on and then back off, we then monitor the gauge for any drop in pressure which would indicate a leak. If we do find a drop in pressure we then ensure there are no hidden leaks by checking the o ring and body washers. If the o rings and the body washer is not leaking you know you have a leaking pipe between your taps and shower rose which would only occur while using the shower. If the pressure test proved sound, then we carry a pressure test out on the whole house by removing the jumper valves in the shower and then pressurising the house with the gauge attached and then turning the house back off at the meter.

Our next step for our plumbing leak detection gets hot! We then turn our FLIR thermal imaging camera on, and start running HOT water. The reason we run hot water is because if there is any leaks we will find it using our FLIR camera. We start by running hot water down the drain only, being careful not to get any water on the shower walls or around the shower base. We usually use a long flexible hose for this. Sometimes the drain pipe may be cracked or you may even have a blocked drain that could be contributing to the leak.  If we don’t pick up any leaks from the drain pipe we then block it off and fill the shower base up with hot water and drain dye. We then inspect the surroundings using our FLIR camera which will start glowing red if there are any leaks! These thermal cameras save us a lot of time detecting our leaks, and a lot of the time helps prevent invasive leak detection. If we do not pick up any leaks we then start working our way from the bottom, up the shower walls again using hot water. This checks the integrity of the water proofing ensuring that any leak in the wall does not penetrate the waterproof system. We also check the silicone around the spindles is adequate. In this instance the lack of silicone around the spindles was the cause of this damage. This often happens when an inexperienced plumber or handy man services the taps. If you have a dripping tap it is highly recommended that you use a licensed plumber as they know the little tricks that matter.

leak detection services

All too often new home owners find a leak in their plumbing system, particularly around the shower. They also wonder Why did the building and pest inspection didn’t pick up on this. This is because they are not plumbers and only carry out a simply moisture test, and if that shower hasn’t been used in a while, guess what? No moisture!! The last thing you want to find after moving into your new home is a leaky shower base, or concealed leak that could potentially cost you thousands to repair. We see it time and time again. The costs of moving and all the fees and charges that are incurred when buying a property is a small fortune. So please do not go and spend all that money to buy a house that is just going to keep helping itself to your wallet. Buy your house in confidence with Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas

We are a cost effective gold coast leak detection plumbers, and are not limited to finding shower leaks!! If you’ve noticed a high water bill, give us a call. We will carry out a water leak detection on your audit and let you know if you have problems or not. Quite often if you have a concealed leak and have been issued a higher than normal water bill, we can provide you with a report to try and get a rebate. Don’t let the council charge you for water you have not been using!

Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas do not only offer top plumbing services, but we also carry out pre purchase plumbing inspections, where we do a full comprehensive test on your showers plus much more. So if you are in the market for a new home don’t find that leak in your home before it’s too late! Call the leak detection specialists, Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas, providing you with our old fashion customer service, at an affordable price. Covering the Gold Coast from Pimpima, down to Robina, out to Southport and Oxenford and everywhere in between!!

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