Toilet Repairs

Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas Gold Coast

Toilet Repairs and installations

Our business is toilets! If anyone knows their way around a toilet its the plumbers from Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas.

Whether its:

  • A leaking toilet 
  • A new toilet installation
  • A Cistern repair or replacement
  • A blocked toilet

The licensed plumbers at Tomkinson Plumbing and Gas have you covered. Our experienced plumbers have experienced many different plumbing issues and toilet problems over the years so it is safe to say if anyone can fix it, it is definitely us. Toilets are pretty important in our everyday lives so it is important that your toilet suite is working correctly. There are many different components to a toilet from the inlet valve, the flush valve, rubber seals or pipes that connect the toilet cistern to the toilet bowl, and the rubber seals that ensures the effluent goes down the drain not on your bathroom floor. A flushing toilet is something you want working right. 

Sometimes your toilet may be constantly running into the bowl without you even realising! This can lead to an expensive water bill as the water supply is continuously filling the toilet tank, to fix a running toilet will not break the bank, we do a great job at repairing toilets and are more affordable than you may think. 

New installations, you may have an old single flush toilet which can use twice as much water needed to flush away minor uses of the toilet. Unfortunately water is not getting any cheaper. To ease up on a bit of water consumption our plumbers can repair or replace your toilet with a dual flush system. If you would like to have a chat feel free to call our friendly team, or fill out the online form below. Book with us and we will make sure the plumbers arrive on time and walk out the door leaving a satisfied smile on your face. 

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