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Toilet Repairs


Toilet repairs are generally quite simple. There are only a few components of a toilet that can fail, the inlet of filler valve and the flush valve/seating washer. Apart from that you could have minor repairs that need carried out for example the connection between the cistern and the pan may leak, the drainage connection and tightening up a toilet seat etc. Some times your toilet may be passing water into the pan with out you even knowing. A simple test to check this is to fold up a piece of toilet paper and place it in the bowl (not in the water) If you see the paper starting to get wet due to water coming from above you may need a new seating washer. 

Is it hard to repair a toilet?

fluid master
flush valve

Replacing an inlet valve

We recommend fluid masters as a brand of inlet valves. They are universal and can be installed on most toilets. Simply isolate the water, flush the toilet to drain the water, undo the nut that holds it in place, remove and re install with your new fluidmaster. Reconnect water, test, set levels and job done. This will stop any water that won’t shut off from running into the pan continuously.

Replacing a Seating washer

This can sometimes be a little tricky and you have to make sure you use the correct washer. Unclip your flush valve and remove the whole body. At the bottom you will see the old seating washer. Pull this off, clean out and debris and install your new washer. Clip the valve back into place and test. Perished washers can cause water to run into the pan with out you even knowing

Flush valve replacements

Flush valves are a little more advanced to replace. Depending on the type of toilet you have sometimes you will need to remove the whole cistern. You need to be able to remove the nut at the bottom of the cistern that holds it in place. Remove existing and be sure to replace it with a suitable valve. Re assemble and test. 

Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Of course another toilet problem is blockages! Pan blockages are usually a build up of excess toilet paper. This can usually be fixed by plunging the toilet. Sometimes foreign objects can be flushed down the toilets by accident by kids. Sanitary items also cause a lot of drain blockages, so be mindful to dispose of these in a bin. Bigger problems such as tree roots require specialist equipment which we have available which can be used to break up the roots and clear the drain.

 If you have any toilet repairs that need doing and are unsure what to do, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.