burst flexi hose

What if I told you there was another way | Burst flexi hoses

Is there another way? Burst flexi hoses.

Flexi hoses cost millions of dollars of damage to properties every year. What if we could minimise that from happening?

What is a flexi hose?

A flexi hose is a braided hose that connects your taps and toilets to the hot and cold water supply. They are a fast and easy installation, however if forgotten about over time can burst and if your not home or in bed can destroy your home.

How do I prevent these from bursting?

You can minimise your risk by checking the condition of your hoses regularly. If you see any small rust spots or signs of corrosion you may want to get in touch with your local plumber and enquire about replacing them. Also make sure your house has a pressure limiting valve installed. This keeps the water at a safe pressure.

Are there different alternatives?

There sure are! We recommend replacing your flexi hoses (where possible) with chrome copper. This can be used anywhere and will never burst. You may get a small leak after a long time (10 years plus) as connections deteriorate, however these small leaks would be noticed and repaired, rather than just bursting all of a sudden like flexis do. 

The only situation where you may struggle to change the hoses to copper is the tails attached to the tapware eg sink or basin mixer. However there are automatic shut offs that can be installed in the cabinet that will shut the water off to that tap when moisture is detected. 

Chrome copper may be a slightly more expensive option than replacing the flexi hoses as there is a bit more time and material costs involved, however you can go to work or on holiday with an easy mind knowing that nothing is going to just burst. 

Further recommendations

Further solutions we recommend is to install mini isolation valves under your kitchen, laundry and basin sinks. This has two benefits. One being that when your taps need servicing they can be isolated without shutting down the whole house. Secondly, in case of an emergency they can be turned off straight away. When was the last time you located, or tried to turn your water meter off? It sucks when the shut offs become seized especially if you need to get that water off in a hurry!!

Speak to our friendly team for more advice

If you have any further questions, or would like to enquire how we can give you peace of mind knowing your hoses wont burst. Contact our friendly team for more info on 07 5627 0792 or via our contact page.